For any business, when they have to select a Salesforce implementation service provider, it is must to evaluate the service, provided by them. In market there are a number of Salesforce consultants are present and for a successful implementation, it is quite necessary to select and hire the one, who can understand the business need and its operations and have good enough experience to implement Salesforce in the similar business organization.

This article has twenty aspects or questions, which you must consider, while selecting the Salesforce consultancy. Although as the business requirement may vary, so there cannot be any standard and correct set of questions, but still these questions may help you in judging your implementer as most of the questions are general, so can be fit for every organization, every cloud service and application. A salesforce consultant will advise you the solution of your problem, and suggest you what is good for you and will do it alongside as well. Mainly there are five categories, for which you must evaluate your consultant and they are:

  1. The Capabilities of Salesforce Implementation or Consultant Team
  2. Experience of the Team
  3. Client References of Salesforce consultant
  4. The vendor focus and depth of Salesforce consultant
  5. Project Design of Salesforce Consultant

The above listed factors have again detailed sub questions, which you must make clear prior to hiring any Salesforce consultant for its implementation. Here are those:

  • The Capabilities of Salesforce Implementation or Consultant Team


An experienced consultant is a must for Salesforce implementation and for that you can ask following questions:

. Is the consultant SFDC certified?

. Do they have the experience of 10 or more years of consulting and are MBAs?

. Are the MVPs of Salesforce?

When you will receive the proposal, it will be filled with wondrous tales of achievements and experiences of the consultant. Do not consider the generalized experience of them; even ensure the specific and relevant experience.


  • Experience of the Team

You must ensure the experience of the people, whom you will hire for the business and for this just ensure the answers of following questions:

  • How many similar projects the company has handled?
  • How many project have they delivered successfully?
  • How many of their earlier clients have been of the same scale as of yours?
  • How the firm delivers the successful solutions to their clients?
  • How they build their implementation strategy?
  • What is the usual mean of communication for them spoken reviews, written documents or group leads?

This is how you can differentiate the contractors, in case if you have received a number of proposals and evaluate their service.

  • Client References of Salesforce consultant

Good references or feedback also can help you in selecting your right Salesforce implementation partner, for this, following questions can help you out:

  • How many references your consultant has?
  • How many clients he suggest from which you can check the references?
  • Check the rank of the firm on App Exchange

         Check the website of the firm, and cross check the references to know your implementer better.

  • The vendor focus and depth of Salesforce consultant


Check whether your vendor knows Salesforce perfectly or not, this is quite must for you and following questions will work as reference:


  • How many projects of the vendors are of Salesforce?
  • From how long they are into Salesforce?
  • For how many projects they have done Salesforce implementation?
  • From how long they are serving your vertical industries?


  • Project Design of Salesforce Consultant


Finally you must check and ensure that your partner will not leave you in the mid of implementation and for this answer following questions:


  • How much custom code involvement is there?
  • How much off-sure resources will be used?
  • From where the staffing will be done, will vendor guarantee this?
  • Will there be any involvement of subcontractor or not?

Here, there must be minimum involvement of custom code and the third party staff involvement must also be priory informed.  Too much code is not good for your implementation.

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