Last replied: 31-Mar-11 06:25 AM

I have a sharepoint site(in wss 3.0) as - http://Servername:12121/sites/aaram/default.aspx  that is running properly.

I want to create a new Sharepoint site with same URL but different port on same server.
like - - http://Servername:2015/sites/aaram/default.aspx

my requirement both site should work.

Can u advice please how can i do this ?

Bijay Maurya

Yes It is possible.

Go to SharePoint Central Administration -> Application Management -> Create Site Collection.

Choose your site (in your case it is http://servername:2015/)

Specify the name of the site (in your case it is aaram)

Specify the site collection administrator and finally click on Submit.

Your new site will be created successfully.

You can create as many site with the same name in different site collection.


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