Last replied: 26-Apr-12 12:50 AM

We were configuring search for our SharePoint foundation server installed on Windows Server 2008.

We were installing Search Server 2010 Express. In between the installation we faced an issue, and did a repair for Search Server Express.

After it was done, we found that we have lost all the virtual directories from the IIS. Also it was shocking to see that the physical folders were also not there in the WSS folder under Virtual directories.

We then checked for the database, and found that the database was intact, and was present there.

Although, it was strange to see that the physical folders have also got removed from the file system, but it was some sort of consolation to see that database was intact.

We thought of running the SharPoint Configuration wizard. It was really delighting experience to see the power of the Configuration wizard, when the virtual directories started reappearing along with the physical folders that we lost earlier.

I just thought of sharing this experience of ours, so that it may be of some help to others.








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