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How can MIcrosoft in Salesforce?

How can I configure microsoft office outlook salesforce configuration am not able to configure with my account Please suggest some Appropriate AnswerT...

SharePoint    Last replied: 03-Jan-19 04:20 AM

What is the main differences between SP2010 and SP2013

Hi ,      What is the main difference between SP2010 and SP2013 , means regd features wise and what are the extra things added in SP2013.what is the advant...

SharePoint    Last replied: 31-Mar-16 07:37 AM

Architectural Difference between SP2010 and SP2013

Hi,   I want to know the Architectural Difference between SP2010 and SP2013.   And why  minimum 16GB RAM is required to install SP2013?Thank...

SharePoint    Last replied: 04-Jun-13 11:44 PM

What is the difference in sharepoint and .net web application?

What is the difference in sharepoint and .net web application? What is difference in their architecture ie the way to respond to a request?Why is SP 2010 called as web fo...

SharePoint    Last replied: 30-Oct-12 08:31 AM

Prompt to save HTML pages in SharePoint 2010 document libraries

 I have uploaded HTML file in document library. My requirement is when I click on that file, then it should be opend in the browser. simply like ...

SharePoint    Last replied: 13-Jun-12 01:13 AM

SharePoint sites got deleted while configuring search

We were configuring search for our SharePoint foundation server installed on Windows Server 2008.We were installing Search Server 2010 Express. In between the installatio...

SharePoint    Last replied: 26-Apr-12 12:50 AM

SharePoint error: Web application at xxxx could not be found

I am trying to upload the documents in SharePoint 2010 document library. I am using PowerGUI script Editor to debug this script. But while debugging the script I am getti...

SharePoint    Last replied: 23-Apr-12 06:28 AM

Two Sharepoint site with same URL but different port on same server

I have a sharepoint site(in wss 3.0) as - http://Servername:12121/sites/aaram/default.aspx  that is running properly.I want to create a new Sharepoint site with same...

SharePoint    Last replied: 31-Mar-11 06:25 AM

Two Server budget for SharePoint 2010 farm with SQL Clustering, Possible?

Hi All, I would like to get an idea if it is possible to configure a SharePoint 2010 two server farm both the servers being utilized for SQL Server clustering as well for...

SharePoint    Last replied: 31-Mar-11 05:51 AM

Back and restor in sharepoint 2010 by command line

How we can take backup and restore from stsadm in sharepoint 2010

SharePoint    Last replied: 10-Dec-10 04:14 AM

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