It is a common practice to take the backup of sharepoint site and restore it on the same machine to make the replica of the application. Some times it will put you in trouble if you are not following the correct steps to restore the SharePoint site. If you see on Content Databases section in Central Administration, it will show 0 in Current Number of Sites column. And if you will try to access your site then it will show the error message "The page can not be displayed.".

Cause of the Problem

The issue is caused by GUID conflicts in SQL Server.


Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

1. Take the backup of content database using SQL Server which you want to restore.

2. Restore the database backup which you have taken in step 1.

3. Create one new site in SharePoint.

4. Remove the content database of new site using the following command:

stsadm -o deletecontentdb

5. Add content database which you have restored in step 2 to new site using following command:

stsadm -o addcontentdb

Now, if you ask a question, so how do I maintain 2 copies of the same content database in this scenario without GUID conflicts? You can use stsadm backup and restore (or) content deployment.

I did try with stsadm backup and restore and the process was successful :-).

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