We use Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) to store large block of data in SharePoint. While configuring RBS, we need to specify the location on any drive having large space. Over the period of time the storage disk can be full. In that case, there is an option to overcome this problem that is to change the BLOB storage location to some other drive having large storage capacity.

Lets take an example of a SharePoint 2013 application having content database named "WSS_Content_TestRBS". Existing RBS location to store BLOB for this database is C:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/DATA/BLOBStore. As C drive is a system drive, so I want to change the BLOB location to D drive. Current BLOB location is containing lots of data, so I need to move it to new location. New location to store BLOB is D:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/DATA/BLOBStore. Following are the steps to change the BLOB storage location.

  • Copy the current folder "BLOBStore" (C:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/DATA/BLOBStore) to the D drive (D:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/DATA/) folder.
  • Run the following SQL command against WSS_Content_TestRBS (content database) using SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Use [WSS_Content_TestRBS] alter database [WSS_Content_TestRBS] modify file (name = RBSFilestreamFile, FILENAME = 'D:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/DATA/BLOBStore')
  • Restart the SharePoint server.

Storage location of Remote BLOB Storage has been changed.

While SQL Server is running, it wont allow to copy folder. To be more precise, it won't allow to copy filestream.hdr file.

Posted by: Tamour Ahmad  Posted Date :13-Jun-17

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