Salesforce Service Cloud which is a well-known customer relationship management (CRM) system for customer service and provision built on the business's CRM software for sales specialists. Service Cloud permits users to mechanize service procedures, rationalize workflows and discover key trainings, themes and specialists to support the manager. The determination is to stand-in one-to-one marketing relations with each client, across numerous channels and on any expedient. Service cloud can "attend" and reply to customers along a variation of social platforms and repeatedly way cases to the suitable agent. Social customer service is combined with the Salesforce Customer Achievement Platform, which permits the social team to fold a complete picture of the client to inform answers.

Characteristics that make Service Cloud number one Customer Service Solution:

  • Lightning Console – Make the most of Agent Efficiency

The Lightning console unites the agent involvements and delivers all the info from client profiles, case antiquities, to consoles.

  • Live Agent – Chat 1:1 promptly from any device

This permits a customer to attach to a Service agent through the web in real time while providing multilingual provision. This permits a real time 1:1 chat promptly from all device. Chats can be rapidly directed to subject matter specialists.

  • Mobile- Modified service in each device, anywhere, every time.

Service cloud cases can be accomplished from wherever. It permits Field-Service go-betweens to resolve the case on the go and directors and managers can display real-time metrics with the Service Cloud mobile app.

  • Communities- Help clienteles and workers help themselves

The groups give the client a place to find the responses required more rapidly from anyplace at any time. This delivers the managers and the clienteles tools for greater appointment and earlier problem solving.

  • Knowledge – Get the correct answers to the managers and client faster.

With information base entrenched into the manager console, agents can effortlessly find contact and bring the right responses to the clienteles. It also permits the agent to share the information to any other network or device and also benefits the agent to contribute themselves to the information base.

  • Service Wave Analytics – Turn vision into action with Service Wave analytics

Service wave analytics is the primary app to carry the influence of wave analytics to service cloud. It permits each service manager to rapidly check on case management, agent competence and channel optimization from anyplace.

  • SOS – Forthcoming of in-app mobile support

SOS benefits to go beyond traditional support stations with live manager video support, screen distribution, two-way audio and on-screen footnote in any mobile app to deliver engaging service understanding to the clienteles.

  • Social Customer Service- Distribute social customer facility that scales

This prepares the client service team with tools to generate and grip cases on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to efficiently manage a client case using Service Cloud?

When expending the salesforce service cloud for customer support services a situation becomes a vital prospect of the tool.  A case is a thorough recognized customer matter, question or response that apprehensions the aim for client call. The life-cycle of a case can be for single term or extended term. Clienteles can record cases operational, call provision agents, email support collection or Sales. Cases are accomplished by first transfer the case to a case line (in most occurrences). The task rules organized in the Salesforce Service Cloud will way the case to a line or service characteristic based on instructions. The queue is just a land area where the cases are gathered based on quantified standards such as product personal or SLA (Service Level Agreement). The appreciations rules help evade excessive interruption for case determination. The case group feature permits agents with comparable know-how to collaborate together and effort on real resolution of a case. When a go-between treasures an article that describers the determination to a case, he can ascribe the object to the case. Salesforce Knowledge delivers embattled search results and help client and service agents find determinations rapidly.


The Salesforce Service Cloud for Customer Support is serious for your business and can be a win-win for your processes. The Salesforce Service Cloud delivers support through a diversity of stations (social, phone, email, web etc.). The Service Cloud usages numerous tools to provision your clienteles professionally. The Salesforce Knowledge trainings permits agents and clienteles to find the correct responses the first time, each time. The support enables the managers to view associates, accounts, belongings and solutions through a solitary tab. And, lastly, Salesforce delivers normal reports to accomplish the client cases. In the end, if you are seeing a new set of ground-breaking tools for your provision teams, the Salesforce Service Cloud is the technique to go.

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