Waterfall Chart Template.zip


Waterfall Chart gets created based upon the values supplied.


1. Put values in input cells (yellow highlighetd cells) in "Waterfall" sheet.

2. The output cells (gold highlighted cells) contain formulas which provided the base data for waterfall chart.

3. Please don't delete data/formula from any cells, just put the inputs. 


Excel doesn't offer Waterfall as a chart type, but it's fairly easy to create such a chart by using a stacked Column chart.

Presentation of Waterfall Chart (Profit and Loss Status).

Now Excel 2016 has the waterfall chart as standard type. But if you have older version of Excel, this this template will be useful. But using it you forced to do many operations manually. To avoid manual operations and if you are going to create a lot of waterfall charts, you can use Waterfall Chart Studio add-in for Excel. More details you can find out following the link http://fincontrollex.com/?page=products&id=1&lang=e

Posted by: Alex Nazarenko  Posted Date :07-Oct-15

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