Survey - Databook (ICE CC IV).zip


The macro automatically create/refresh the bar chart for ICE.


1. For the chart updation on sheet "Frontend" we need to choose 3 Values from 3 Dropdowns, the values to these dropdowns are populated from a hidden sheet "Menu".

2. Options for "Click on 'Update' to see the chart and/ or table. Click on 'Refresh' to clear sub-cateogry selections…" are depend upon the option chose from "Select a data cut…" drop down.

3. After selecting options from all 3 drop downs click on "Update" button, the chart will be updated base upon the options chosen.

4. if you just want to refresh the data then click on "Refresh" button, the chart will be reflecting the new data also, if there are some changes. 


1. The look and data for chart depends upon the 3 options selected from "Frontend" tab.

2. Either a chart with new data (selected through options) can be prepared or the already existing chart can be refreshed if there are any changes in the data source. 

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