Gantt Chart


Demonstrates a "time line" (Gantt) chart in Excel. This type of chart is often use to depict various tasks in a project.


1. Put Task,Start Date and Duration on "GanttData" tab, date format should be mm/dd/yyyy.

2. Don’t put values for "End Date" column these are formula driven.

3. The Chart will get updated automatically. 


It’s a "Stacked Bar" Chart but due to data provided it works as Gantt Chart. 

Points of Interest

"***Excel doesn't offer Gantt as a chart type, but it's fairly easy to create such a chart by using a stacked bar chart".

Manually this Gantt chart is created with the help of a horizontal Stacked Bar Chart. This horizontal Stacked Bar Chart is based upon 2 Series. To give it an apperance as of a Gantt Chart, The first series has been filled with white color which makes its appearance invisible. The other series (2nd) is given a red color. Finally with this trick we get a Gantt Chart.

"Y" Axis scale can be fixed by automatically based on "B" column. (Please do not change anything in "Y" Axis options menu)

Hello that, first of all I want to congratulate you for the contribution, since it really helped me out of a problem temporarily. On the other hand I would like to know if there is a way for you to pass me your code in VisualBasic, to be able to adapt it for personal projects, or failing that you will provide me with the password of the document in order to make changes in it. Thank you very much and truly congratulations.

Posted by: Ricardo Eduardo  Posted Date :22-Nov-17

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