The Macro has been designed to save time of manual checkup, while comparing two lists of companies / records / any other information.  


Reset the tool using the Reset button available on worksheet "Action"

Append the Source list in the worksheet “Source” in Column A.

Append the other list which needs to compare or search in source list in Column A of worksheet “Work”.

Click the button Start available on worksheet “Action”. The tool will compare two lists and display the matching name in Column B of worksheet “Work”. Column C in same sheet will display the nature of results as follows:

Perfect Match:- These are the results who matches perfectly in both the lists.

QC Needed:- These are the results where there is some difference. Example:-AON, PLC and AON.

Check Manually:- These are the cases which need to check manually as there is no result found.


The tool contains three worksheets, Action, Source and Work.

Action: This is the sheet from where this tool is controlled. This sheet contains three buttons, Start, Reset and Unhide.

Start: This button is used to start the procedure of standardization and lookups in the tool.

Reset: This Button is used to clear the old data from tool. On using this button, old information will get deleted from Work and Source Sheet.

Unhide: This button is used to unhide the sheets where the whole process is being done.

Source: This is the sheet where source list should be appended.

Work: In this sheet, the information / list of companies to be compared or searched for should be appended. This sheet will also display the result.

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