Generate the Automation "XY Trend Scatter Animation Chart".


1. Provide the chart data for "XY Trend scatter Animation Chart" on "data" tab. (Column are Date, Value, Plot data, Plot vlaue).

2. Click on "Chart" button on "Chart" tab.

3. Click on "Clear" button to clear the clear chart (chart will be empty).

4. If select the checkbox, chart can be created with animation. 


1.This macro generate the Automate "XY Trend Scatter Animation Chart" from given data on "data" tab.

2. Once the data are provided on "Data" tab. Click on "Chart" button to create automation chart. (Required chart data can be obtained from "Data" tab.

3. "Clear" button is used to remove the chart and retain as empty chart.

4. If "check box" is selected before "chart" button click, chart will be created by animation as shown in below image.

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